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Design is expressed in life itself - good design resides somewhere in every person’s heart. All around us, good design exists in the spaces and places we occupy. A good design embodies deep emotional intent from its designer which is passed onto a consumer through the process of usage. Design Intelligence Award (DIA) is currently announcing a “Design Discovery” for good design. Our organizational committee is calling for recommendations for designs in development and on the market to put forth good products and uncover powerful new designs. By promoting designs to a larger audience and bringing in more collaborators with DIA, we will create a constructive space for the promotion and development for good design.

• Event duration: September 19, 2016 – January 6, 2017

• Channels to submit designs:
  1.DIA Official Website homepage “Design Discovery” link;
  2.WeChat Official Account bottom menu “Event Participation (参与互动) – Design Discovery(设计发现)” link;
  3.Hashtag #DesignDiscovery (#设计发现) on DIA’s Weibo

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