2017 DIA Grand Ceremony has Successfully Concluded, Contestants from China and Finland Won DIA Gold


Since DIA launched its global work collection in Hangzhou on September 19th, 2016, the committee had collected 2,720 entries in total from 46 countries and regions and invited 31 professional judges in 13 countries. After the preliminary and the second evaluation, 129 entries were selected for “Design Intelligence Award,” and the best 22 entries from which were eligible for entering the Final Competitionto compete for 2 “DIA Gold” (with prize of RMB 1,000,000/entry), 8 “DIA Excellence”(with prize of RMB 200,00/entry) and 12 “DIA Innovation” (with prize of RMB 100,000/entry). In the end, the hover camera “Passport” from China and children’s programming book “Hello Ruby” from Finland won the top award: the “DIA Gold.”The media coverage for DIA 2017 was massive, more than a hundred of media reportedthe Final and the Ceremony. The NetEase(www.163.com)webcasted this year’s DIA and the Zhejiang TV station will broadcast the Final Competition and the Grand Ceremony in early June on TV and the Internet. Please keep an eye on our official site(www.di-award.org) for the latest news of DIA and the exact broadcasting date.

At this point, the DIA 2017 has come to its conclusion. The “Design Intelligence Award Exhibition” will open to the public for free from May 7th, 2017 to June 23rd, 2017 in Folk Art Museum in China Academy of Art. The exhibition displays approximately 300 entries and has an “Experience Area” for audience to interact with great designs. You are warmly welcomed to attend. DIA will start our global tour to showcase this year’s entries, and several forums to build connections between entries and industry in China and worldwide. The DIA 2018will be launched in September 2017, please pay attention to our website and submit entries. We look forward to seeing you in DIA 2018!

2017 Design Intelligence Award

DIA Gold

DIA Excellence

DIA Innovation

Group picture of Top 22 contestants and jurors in the Final Competition (May 7)

 Q & A Session of Top 10 contestants (May 7)

Group picture of TOP129 winners in the Grand Ceremony (May 8)

Deputy Secretary of provincial committee, Acting Governor of Zhejiang Province Yuan Jiajun present prize for DIA Gold winners Wang Mengqiu (left) and Linda Liukas (right)

Group picture of guest speakers in DIA Conference (May 8)

Picture of the main venue in DIA Conference 2017 (May 8)

DIA Exhibition opening

Picture of DIA Exhibition visitors

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