DIA Financing Training Meeting

From June to August in 2016, DIA has cooperated with VC agencies to evaluate the entries with the intention to involve in industry transformation, and finally 51 pieces of entries won the opportunities for industry transformation. A mentor team consists of experienced inventors has communicated online with designers and their teams and also analyzed cases to them, aiming to help deepen their recognition to the industry transformation with a more clear developing goal for their entries or  projects in the future. On Aug. 23rd, DIA and Phoenix Creative Collection jointly held an offline financing training activity for the first group of entries in  Phoenix Creative Park. DIA also invited the representatives of Angel Crunch, Dark Horse Club, Phoenix Creative Collection, Kai Start and Tao Fox, etc., to  join this activity and to evaluate 10 projects on site. Finally, there were 4 projects won the recognition from investors and the financing opportunity. 

Guests from venture capital field were sharing information

Participants’ five-minute roadshow 

Mentors were giving suggestions

Group photo of some participants 

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