2017 Design Intelligence Award

1.About DIA

Design Intelligence Award (DIA) is the first international industrial design award hosted by a Chinese academic institution. It is a contemporary innovative design platform established in 2015 for the evaluation, promotion and collaboration of design, also a world-wide interdisciplinary competition encompassing art, technology and commerce and serving as the catalyst for the transformation of original ideas into materialized profit and the actualization of future innovation.

With “Oriental Intelligence, National Capability, Living Wisdom, Innovation Resourcefulness” as the core values, DIA advocates that design return to its origin of "Design Intelligence (ZhiZao)", and brings world-wide creative resources together to achieve the vision of “collective wisdom and an intelligent future”.

2.Evaluation Criteria

Based on the era of intelligence manufacturing, DIA has originally created the “DIA Evaluation System”, including three layers of evaluation criteria: 1) The Fundamental Criteria focus on the “Principles of Design”, covering innovation, experience, aesthetic, technicality and practicality. 2) The Advanced Criteria emphasize the “Direction of Design”, spanning contribution to humanity, industry and the future. 3) The Top Criteria stress the “Impact of Design”, in regards to social influence and industrial development.

3.Awards System

The "Design Intelligence Award" will be awarded to 100 qualified entries, among which 22 outstanding pieces will be awarded “DIA Gold”, “DIA Excellence”, and “DIA Innovation”.

●DIA Gold (2 Prizes, 1,000,000RMB/Prize)

Awarded to those products meeting the top criteria of “DIA Evaluation System” with outstanding performance in social influence or industrial demonstration.

●DIA Excellence (8 Prizes, 200,000RMB/Prize)

Awarded to those products meeting the advanced criteria of “DIA Evaluation System” with excellent performance in the contribution to humanity, industries or the future.

●DIA Innovation (12 Prizes, 100,000RMB/Prize)

Awarded to those products meeting the fundamental criteria of “DIA Evaluation System” with good performance in innovation, experience, aesthetic, technicality or practicality.

4. Registration

4.1 Qualifications for Participants

Any enterprise, design agency, scientific institution and individual from any country or region can register for the competition.

Without any disputes regarding intellectual property rights, the products that already in the market within 2 years or the functional models of design works that can be publicly displayed before the final evaluation of this competition will be accepted.

4.2 Entry Categories

Entries for DIA cover product innovation design and systematic innovation design integratingproducts and services. There are four entry categories: “Cultural Innovation, Living Wisdom, Industrial Equipment and Frontier Technology”.

●Cultural Innovation: Demonstrating humanistic concern and aesthetic quality.

Products and services span the fields of Interior Furniture, Lighting Facilities, Tableware, Souvenirs, Stationeries, Packaging, Fashion &Wearable, Social Innovation, etc.

●Living Wisdom: Focusing on innovative lifestyle and problem solving.

Products and services span the fields of Daily Commodities, Household Electric Appliances, Kitchen & Bathroom, Digital Devices, Sports & Leisure, Mother & Baby, Disaster Prevention, Smart City, etc.

●Industrial Equipment: Promoting the intelligent manufacturing and industrial upgrading.

Products and services span the fields of Traffic & Transportation, Health Care, Office Appliances, Tools, Construction Equipment, Agricultural & Forestry Equipment, Manufacturing Equipment, Military Equipment, etc.

●Frontier Technology: Exploring the future industrial trends and innovative applications of technology.

Prospective and experimental products and services span the fields of New Energy, New Materials, The Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, Big Data, Virtual Reality, 3D Printing, Robotics, etc.

4.3 Registration

The entries are accepted either by public registration or expert nomination. For public registration, the participants shall register/ loginon the DIA official website www.di-award.org for online registration. The nominated participants shall online register/login via the exclusive link sent by DIA nominators and fill in the nominator’s information, otherwise the submission shall be considered as public registration going for preliminary evaluation.

4.4 Registration Dates and Fees

Public registration: 19 September 2016 – 6 January 2017 (Beijing Time)

Expert nomination: 19 September 2016 – 24 February 2017 (Beijing Time)

No fee will be charged for registration and any overdue registration will not be accepted.

5. Evaluation

5.1 Evaluation System

The evaluation systemwith combination of grouping review and comprehensive review, including three stages: preliminary evaluation, re-evaluation and grand final. For preliminary evaluation, entries will be evaluated online by the images and text materials submitted by the participants. The shortlists of preliminary evaluation shall deliver the physical products of shortlisted entries to participate in re-evaluation. For re-evaluation, entries will be evaluated on-site with physical products to enter TOP100 and among which Top22 will be selected and become the candidates for Grand Final, competing for DIA Gold, DIA Excellence and DIA Innovation awards. For Grand Final, 22 candidates will compete by on-site defense and the winners of the above three awards will be finalized.

The entries of public registration shall go through preliminary evaluation. Reviewed and approved by DIA Committee, the nominated entries can go straight into re-evaluation. In order to ensure the fairness of this competition, the nomination experts and the evaluation experts will work independently.

5.2 Jury Composition

In addition to inviting design experts, DIA also introduces worldwide multidiscipline experts spanning from relative fields of science and technology, commerce, media, etc. as jury members.

6. Winners’ Benefits

In addition to receiving DIA awards and prize money, prize winners will also obtain the following benefits:

•Badge Honoring

The winners will be authorized to have a lifelong right to use the DIA badge on the works they win the competition with. Preferential policies of researching, producing and marketing of the product in Zhejiang Province will be also given to the awarded works.

•Exchange amongDifferent Industries

The winners will be invited to attend the award ceremony and other important events as well.When the time comes, the winners will be provided with face-to-face communication opportunities with several hundred elite representatives from various fields of design, media, government and commerce around the globe.

•Exhibition and Permanent Collection

All excellent entries qualified for final evaluation will be invited to be put on display inDIAtour exhibition at home and abroad as well as DIA online exhibitions. At the same time, these entries will have an opportunity to be permanently collected and be awarded a collectioncertificate by DIA Committee.

•Industrial Cooperation

DIA unites over one hundred venture capital agencies, incubation platforms and manufacturing enterprises to build Hundred-Day Design Intelligence platform that provides the excellent participants with technique, finance and policy supports by the means of financing training, project road show, enterprises docking meetings, intellectual property auction and marketing, etc.

•Media Promotion

DIA cooperates with a hundred more influential worldwide media that will make an overall report on the event. To enhance the social influence, an in-depth interpretation of the excellent entry itself and the story behind will be explored and released.

7. Disclaimer and Requirements

The Design Intelligence Award upholds the principles of fairness, justice and publicity to conduct the competition and evaluation. Thus all entries submitted to the competition must adhere to and follow the basic requirements of DIA Committee as follows:

•Protection of Intellectual Property Rights

All participants must promise and ensure the originality of their works. Participants should have the complete Intellectual Property Rights of their works and have no or so far no occurrence or have properly handled intellectual property rights disputes with others. Therefore, DIA Committee requires each participant to provide complete related intellectual property evidence for each work, including but not limited to patents. For those works that have no application (records) for related intellectual property rights or have not been licensed, participants need to submit related intellectual property rights certificate in time after their registration for this competition. For those works that still not obtain proof of related intellectual property after winning DIA award, DIA Committee has the right to require the participants to make written promise to guarantee the originality of their works. If works are evaluated as involved in Intellectual Property disputes, DIA Committee has the right to retain or even revoke the entry's qualification; if works are evaluated as having defects regarding Intellectual Property, the Committee will recall all award certificates, trophies and honors etc. If any economic and reputation losses are caused by the defective works, the host and the organizers shall have the right to demand compensation from the participants, including legal fees, court fees and other related costs.

•Publicity and Confidentiality

DIA Committee has the right to use the registration information of participants in order to conduct promotions regarding events and announcements of the competition, including but not limited to the media publicity, exhibition and yearbook.If there are special confidentiality requirements, the participants can apply for confidentialevaluation in the process of registration; the Committee will engage in special handling with confidentiality commitments after reviewing and auditing.

•Registration Information and Submitter

The participants shall ensure the correctness and truthfulness of the registration information before submitting. Once the registration information is submitted, it cannot be revised. Theparticipants shall assume the liability of the consequences due to any incorrectness of information. Both the designer and the owned enterprise of entry are eligible to registration. To avoid repeated registration, the participant need to confirm and coordinate with relevant units. The relevant individuals or institutions of the entry shall solve the resulting ownership problem of award honor and prize money through internal consultations, thus the Committee will bear no legal responsibility. If both sides cannot be coordinated within the stipulated time limit, the Committee has the right to revoke the work’s award qualification and honor, and recover prize money.

•Notification and Feedback

All DIA notifications will be released on the DIA official website and participants' registration system. DIA Committee will send important messages to participants via direct email and set a reasonable deadline for reply. The participantsshall pay close attention to related channels for the updated information and respond promptly; otherwise the participants shall assume the liability to anynegative consequence of missing the important information or delayed-reply in award evaluation, prize presentation and other related matters.

•Delivery and Evaluation

According to DIA evaluation rules, all shortlisted participants of preliminary evaluation are required to deliver physical products of shortlisted entries to participate in the final evaluation. Participants must strictly comply with the Entry Delivery Instructions published by DIA Committee. All delivery fees caused by transportation, tariffs, insurance, etc. shall be covered by the participants. The DIA Committee shall assume no liability for the loss or damage of the works in the mailing process. Please make sure that your packages get into China via Hangzhou Customs for the smooth delivery of overseas entries and DIA Committee’s better assistance on Customs Clearance. Due to the need of evaluation, the judges will practice and experience all entries, which may cause inevitably wear and tear to the product. The participants could purchase valid insurance voluntarily as DIA Committee will not make compensation for any damage or breakage except man-made sabotage.

•Dismantlement and Return

To ensure the orderly conduct of award activity, all participants should not withdrawtheir works without the consent of DIA Committee during the period from Final Evaluation to the Excellent Works Exhibition Tour in Zhejiang province in the current year. DIA Committee will return the entries after ending the whole exhibition. All return fees caused by transportation, tariffs, insurance, etc. shall be covered by the participants.

•The Grand Final and Prize Presentation

The candidates for “DIA Gold”, “DIA Excellence” and “DIA Innovation” awardsmust participate in the Grand Final, and attend the Award Ceremony; otherwise he/she will be disqualified for DIA competition. All certificates, trophies will be distributed uniformly to the winners in the Award Ceremony, thus participants who fail to present the Award Ceremony shall take all the consequences.

•Prize Money Payment

Prize money will be released after the award ceremony in accordance with the relevant tax provisions and processes of the People's Republic of China in the current year. Opening a bank account in China or issuing a written authorization of agreeing an individual account to receive the prize money will be needed if the winner is foreign institution or enterprise.

•Details of above terms and conditions can be found on DIA’s official website (www.di-award.org). DIA Committee has final authority regarding the interpretation and judgment of the competition.

8. Timeline



DIA Official Launch

Sep. 19, 2016 (Mon.)

Public Registration

Sep. 19, 2016 (Mon.) - Jan. 6, 2017 (Fri.)

Preliminary Evaluation

Jan.14, 2017 (Sat.)- Jan.15, 2017 (Sun.)

Notice of Preliminary Evaluation Results

Jan.20, 2017 (Fri.)

Collection for Delivered Shortlisted Entries

Mar. 1, 2017 (Wed.) - Mar.17, 2017(Mon.)


Mar. 25, 2017 (Sat.) - Mar.26, 2017 (Sun.)

Notice of Re-Evaluation Results

Mar. 27, 2017 (Mon.)

Grand Final

May 7, 2017(Sun.)

Award Ceremony

May 8, 2017 (Mon.)

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