DIA Introduction

About DIA

Design Intelligence Award (DIA) is the first international industrial design award hosted by a Chinese academic institution. It is a contemporary innovative design platform established in 2015 for the evaluation, promotion and collaboration of design, also a world-wide interdisciplinary competition encompassing art, technology and commerce and serving as the catalyst for the transformation of original ideas into materialized profit and the actualization of future innovation.
With “Oriental Intelligence, National Capability, Living Wisdom, Innovation Resourcefulness” as the core values, DIA advocates that design return to its origin of "Design Intelligence (Zhi Zao)", and brings world-wide creative resources together to achieve the vision of “collective wisdom and an intelligent future”.

Organizational Structure

China Academy of Art

China Industrial Design Association

The People's Government of Zhejiang Province

Design Intelligence Award Committee

Strategic Partners:
Art Innovation Town, Cloud Town
Zhejiang Radio and Television Group, Alibaba Group, NetEase, Sina
China International Design Industry Union, International Association of Cultural & Creative Industries (IACCI), China Electrical Equipment Industry Association, China Red Star Design Award, China-Italy Design and Innovation Center, China Design Museum

Industrial Support :
Zhejiang Industrial Innovation Association, JIDA, AODJ, HK Design Center, IDSHK, Taiwan Industrial Design Association; American Rhode Island School of Design, Chiba University, Hochschule der Kunste Berlin, EcoleNationaleSupérieure des Arts Décoratifs , British Central Saint Martin Art College, British Nottingham Trent University, Milano Politecnico School of Design
Beijing University, Tsinghua University Academy of Art, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Central Academy of Art, Nanjing University of Art, Hunan University, Jiangnan University, Tongji University, Zhejiang University and Guangzhou Academy of Art

Media Support

In-depth Cooperation Media :
ZJTV, Netease Design, Sina Household, domus, Technode, Shijue.Me

Industrial Media Support :
China Visual, Xinhua Net, People's Network, Phoenix Net, Zhejiang Online, Mega Zhejiang Network, Hangzhou Network, Home Focus.CN, Jiaju360.com, Design Pi, Arting 365, China Design Net, Visual Alliance, VeryDesigner.CN, Interior Design, Billwang, Xiusheji, Huaban Net, CY Zone, Cultural China (owned by Alibaba Group), 36 kr,
Xinhua News Agency, China News Service, PR Newswire, People Daily, Guangming Daily, The Beijing News, intramuros, China Daily, China Youth News, Modern Weekly, City Pictorial, Southern Urban Daily, Zhejiang Daily, Hangzhou Daily, DushiKuaibao, Qianjiang Evening News, Economic Daily, China Industry News, dfdaily, Shanghai Securities News, Daily Business, Sci-Tech & Finance Times, Art News of China, The Outlook Magazine, Journal of Design and Manufactures, Cultural Industry Monthly, Cultural Industries Guide, Zhuangshi, Fashion Color
Zhejiang Television Station Economic Life Channel, QianjiangChannel of ZJTV, HTV-1, West Lake Pearl Channel of Hangzhou TV, FM95
The Paper, Puxiang Industrial Design Station, designchina.me, Ergeng, Yit, B12, People live, Old Young, Qiushi Design Association, JDS, JLA, SheJiBao, LuJunYi Live,Chaping,Shitake, CoIn

Evaluation Criteria

Based on the era of intelligence manufacturing, DIA has originally created the “DIA Evaluation System”, including three layers of evaluation criteria:
1) The Fundamental Criteria focus on the “Principles of Design”, covering innovation, experience, aesthetic, techni
cality and practicality.
2) The Advanced Criteria emphasize the “Direction of Design”, spanning contribution to humanity, industry and the
3) The Top Criteria stress the “Impact of Design”, in regards to social influence and industrial development.
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